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Proposed Short-Term Safety Recommendations for the U of I Campus: November 2005

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Staff from all CATS participating agencies appreciate the importance of maintaining an open line of communication. This Public Participation page is devoted entirely to providing information about the CATS project in the form of news articles, useful information links, and past project events. If you have any suggestions for new material, please contact us with your ideas.


Press Release: 300 Block of Green and other updates, May 31, 2002
Press Release: 4th & Green Intersection, May 3, 2002
Press Release: Sidewalks are Open, March 26, 2002
Campustown Striping Schedule, March 26, 2002
Press Release from MTD, March 13, 2002
Upcoming transportation changes in Campustown, March 11, 2002
Street Directions and Commercial Loading Zones
City of Champaign Public Works Projects Website

Inside Illinois Articles

Slower Speed Limit Effective Today in New University District - February 4, 2002
City Council Lowers Speed Limits For Some Streets, Alleys - November 15, 2001
Champaign City Council Approves Campustown redevelopment... - October 4, 2001
Public Forum Scheduled to View, Discuss Campustown changes - September 6, 2001

Public Workshop: September 12, 2001


Invitation to Workshop
Streetscape Project Schedule
Input Form for Wright Street Bicycle Path

Open House: August 8, 2001

Invitation to Open House
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Public Workshop: April 4, 2001

Workshop Announcement

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CATS Scheme 1
CATS Scheme 2
CATS Scheme 3
CATS Scheme 4
CATS Scheme 5

Public Workshop: November 29, 2000


CATS Summary Presentation from Workshop
CATS I Summary
CATS II Summary
Campustown Infrastructure Streetscape Project Goals
Parking Master Plan Study Summary
CATS I Recommended Elements Map