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IL 130 Corridor Study

Windsor IL130 Intersection

The Illinois 130/High Cross Road Corridor Planning Study was initiated for and subsequently funded by the Illinois Tomorrow Corridor Planning Grant Program. The Illinois Tomorrow program provides $15 million to local government agencies in Illinois specifically for corridor planning over a period of five years (1999-2004). In January 2003, the City of Urbana was awarded $135,000 to analyze the IL 130/High Cross Road corridor and create a plan that guides development in the corridor. Local agencies contributed another $15,000 as their cost share. The City contracted the Champaign County Regional Planning Commission to complete the study over an 18-month period that began in July 2003.

North IL130

The primary goal of the Illinois 130/High Cross Road Corridor Planning Study is to promote logical development that considers interconnectivity of land uses and transportation networks for the City of Urbana, its rural surroundings, and the urbanized area that is comprised of the City of Urbana, City of Champaign, Village of Savoy and Village of Bondville.

IL130 Weather Station

The study area extends eight miles along Illinois Route 130/High Cross Road between Ford-Harris Road and Old Church Road on the east side of Urbana.