Transportation (CUUATS)



There are numerous available online resources for Intelligent Transportation Systems and ITS Architecture. A few of these can be accessed below.

United States Department of Transportation
Includes information relating to all aspects of the National ITS program.

National ITS Architecture Web Site
Includes the latest information on the National ITS Architecture, including information on training and related tools like Turbo Architecture.

ITS Resource Guide
Includes key points of contact, resources for major application areas in ITS, and a special section that identifies architecture resources.

ITS America
The Intelligent Transportation Society of America maintains a comprehensive Web site covering both public and private sector activities in ITS.

Illinois Statewide ITS Architecture Plan
Contains the latest information on the Illinois statewide ITS architecture plan including project updates, meeting schedules, news letters and project documents.

The Turbo Architecture tool used in the development of the regional architecture may be purchased from the University of Florida's Center for Microcomputers in Transportation.