Planning & Community Development

LRMP Public Involvement


Residents can get involved in the LRMP process in a variety of ways:

Attend Steering Committee Meetings

All LRMP Steering Committee meetings are open to the public. Meeting announcements can be found on the News and Meetings page.

Attend the Public Workshop

A public workshop will be held in the spring of 2008. Interested parties can provide ideas for the plan and make any comments and suggestions.

Attend the Public Hearing

The Public Hearing anticipated for Fall of 2009 will be the final opportunity to have an influence on content of the LRMP before it goes to ELUC and the County Board for final approval.

Comments & Questions

Fill out our Comment Card, or submit your thoughts to staff via mail, email, or phone. All comments and questions will be considered and responded to by staff at our earliest availability.