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Greenways and Trails

newActive Choices Plan Approval Status

CCRPC staff presented the Active Choices GT Plan to the Champaign County Greenways & Trails (GT) Technical and Policy Committees in December 2013.  The GT Policy Committee approved the document.  CCRPC submitted the document to the funding agency, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) for approval.

Board Presentations

CCRPC staff presented the Active Choices draft plan update to the following agency boards and the public:

11-12-13 Urbana City Council

11-07-13 Urbana Plan Commission

10-03-13 Champaign County Environment and Land Use Committee (ELUC) (no written presentation)

Active Choices Public Meeting #2:  April 2013

26 people attended the open house hosted by CCRPC at Illinois Terminal in Champaign on April 23, 2013 for people to review the draft proposed Champaign County Greenways & Trails network.  11 additional votes were received after the open house until voting ended on May 10, 2013.

Participants provided comments and voted on their most desired trails and bikeways in the draft proposed network.

Comment Summary


The following materials were presented at the open house:

Draft proposed network maps:

        Champaign - big small

        Urbana - big small

        Savoy & Tolono - big small

        Champaign-Urbana-Savoy area - big small

        Mahomet - big small

        Champaign County - big small

Design Guidelines - selected facility types

Future Environment Conditions

Comment Card

Active Choices Existing Conditions Report

The Greenways & Trails Policy Committee endorsed the Active Choices Existing Conditions Report in December 2012.

Active Choices Needs Assessment Report

The Greenways & Trails Policy Committee endorsed the Active Choices Needs Assessment Report in December 2012.

Policy Committee Meeting:  December 2012

Active Choices plan progress was presented to the Greenways & Trails Technical & Policy Committees in December 2012.

Active Choices Series 1 Workshops:  November 2012

34 people attended the first series of Active Choices public workshops at Illinois Terminal and Lake of the Woods on November 15 and 27, 2012.  Participants mapped their ideas of where to put greenways, bicycle and pedestrian facilities in Champaign County, and worked in groups to focus on different areas of the county.

Comment Summary

The following information was provided at the workshops:

Presentation - Champaign-Urbana-Savoy

Presentation - Mahomet

Individual Ideas Map - Champaign-Urbana-Savoy

Individual Ideas Map - Mahomet

Individual Ideas Map - Champaign County

Comment Card

Design Guidelines, Logos and Signage

The Champaign County Greenways & Trails Design Guidelines were amended by the Technical & Policy Committees in August 2010 to include a new chapter on Shared Lane Markings.

Funding Sources List

The Champaign County Greenways & Trails Technical Committee approved its Funding Sources List at its October 15, 2008 meeting.

2004 Greenways & Trails Plan

The Champaign County Greenways and Trails Plan was approved by the Regional Planning Commission Board in February 2004. Below you will find links to the document in .PDF format.

The Champaign County Greenways & Trails Plan was amended by the Greenways & Trails Policy Committee in December 2011.

Hard copies are available by request for $25. CDs are free of charge; contact 328-3313 for a copy.

Greenways and Trails Plan (for printing): Includes all appendices and 8.5x11 maps. This is a large file; if you have a slower internet connection, we recommend you request a copy of the plan with oversized maps on CD.

17x11 Maps: includes 5 oversized maps that must be inserted in plan

As designed, the Greenways and Trails Plan can be printed double sided. It includes five 17x11 pages and 170 8.5 x 11 pages. To collate oversized maps in printed document:

  • Map 7: Between pages 12 and 13
  • Map 12: Between maps 11 and 13 after page 38
  • Project Calendar: In Appendix 1
  • Maps 16 and 17: in Appendix 6

Greenways and Trails Plan (optimized for web viewing): These are individual PDF files that include all maps, including oversized pages (printing not recommended).