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Greenways and Trails

Greenways and Trails

Greenways & Trails Plan 2014:  Active Choices

The Champaign County Greenways & Trails (GT) Plan is an effort coordinated by the Champaign County Regional Planning Commission (CCRPC) with local agencies to develop the county greenways and trails system.  CCRPC received a grant from the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) in 2011 to update the 2004 GT Plan.  The plan update, titled Active Choices, is designed to provide guidance and a framework to ensure Champaign County's desire to create a bikeable, walkable, and environmentally aware and active community.

The final plan can be found here.  For further information, please contact Gabe Lewis, CCRPC Transportation Planner, by phone (217-328-3313) or email.

Busey Woods      Robert P Simon Trail

What are Greenways and Trails?

A greenway is a corridor of open land managed for conservation and/or recreation. Greenways may follow natural land or water features such as rivers, shorelines or ridges, or human landscape features such as abandoned railroad corridors, trails or canals. Greenways may form connections between communities, parks, historic and cultural sites, and nature preserves. Although they differ in location and function, they provide recreational benefits, protect natural areas or enhance natural beauty and quality of life, and/or stimulate economic development opportunities in neighborhoods and communities.

A trail or path is a type of greenway which can accommodate one or many types of non-automobile users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, roller skaters, and wheelchair users. Trails can be used for recreation and/or transportation purposes, and can connect different land uses and facilities.  Trails can be found in parks, natural environments, and other designated corridors.

A bikeway is a generic term for any road, street, path, or way that in some manner is specifically designated for bicycle travel, regardless of whether such facilities are designated for the exclusive use of bicycles or are to be shared with other transportation modes.