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What is a Family Advocate?

Champaign County Head Start/Early Head Start (CCHS) believes that families can identify their own goals and are capable of finding solutions and making changes related to those goals. We offer families opportunities and support for growth and change. Every family entering CCHS will receive a Family Advocate who works for and with the family. The Home-Based Home Visitor, the Family Child Care Mentor, the Preschool for All Mentor, and the Combination Mentor also serve as the Family Advocate in the CCHS home-based and the partnership program options.

The Family Advocate works to build a partnership with your family by providing the following services:

  • Helping with the process of transitioning your child upon entering and leaving the program.
  • Working with your child's teachers and interacting with your child in his/her classroom.
  • Visiting your home to complete a Family Partnership Plan, which helps identify your family's strengths, goals and needs.
  • Connecting your family to various community resources and programs that may benefit your family.

All CCHS staff, including Family Advocates, are bound by confidentiality policies. Although your involvement with your Family Advocate is not required, many families have found this service to be beneficial. We look forward to serving your family!