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Champaign County Head Start/Early Head Start (CCHS) encourages frequent communication between families and staff to support the partnership between home and the program. CCHS encourages families to visit the site before a child’s first day or for the parents to bring the child to the site on the first day. If you have questions, suggestions, or concerns, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher, your home visitor or your Family Advocate.

Periodically, CCHS staff sends information home in book bags or with bus drivers. We will also post information on parent bulletin boards at your center. Please watch for flyers, newsletters and other materials made available to you and your family.

Upon enrollment, Champaign County Head Start/Early Head Start staff will be contacting you to set up a home visit to welcome your family to the program. During this visit, you and the staff will discuss your child’s strengths and needs, and your goals for him/her. Another home visit will be scheduled with you later in the year as well as two parent-teacher conferences at your child’s center or another mutually agreed upon location.

There are a number of activities for which you can volunteer while your child is enrolled in Champaign County Head Start/Early Head Start.

As a Champaign County Head Start/Early Head Start parent you can:

  • help make decisions for your child’s site (Family Committee)
  • share in decision making for the entire program (Policy Council)
  • attend a field trip
  • come in and read a story to the children
  • donate clothing and other items that your child has outgrown
  • conduct an activity in a classroom
  • help prepare materials at home
  • share your family’s culture, traditions and celebrations
  • plan and participate in training opportunities

Ask your child’s teacher or your home visitor how you can help!