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Planning and Community Development


Sustainability tips

In fall 2008, the Regional Planning Commission undertook a sustainability initiative that sought to identify and change behavior and company operations which could be considered unsustainable.

The result is a baseline inventory of data and current practices. Each division at RPC developed its own plan and list of actions it would undertake during the next five years. Actions range from purchasing 100 percent post-consumer-content paper to developing a window-blind policy to help control solar-heat gain.

The Regional Planning Commission realizes we have entered a time where unprecedented pressures on the natural world are imposing limits on our use of natural resources. If we are to ensure the ability of future generations to meet their needs, we must act now.

The RPC is working to establish a leadership role in Champaign County and in the larger region and, by its own example, promote sustainable policies and practices among public and private organizations with which it works, and the community at large.