Criminal Patrol Techniques

September 24, 2012
Danville IL
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Non-Member Tuition:  - 0 -

This course designed for the highly motivated and professional patrol officer who is interested in increasing his or her understanding of the techniques that have proven most effective in identifying criminals both in-transit on the roadways and occupying local communities.  Law enforcement officers patrolling in a variety of venues will benefit from this course as instruction includes discussion on conducting effective consensual encounters at target locations within local communities.

Instruction highlights numerous real life incidents where suspects have been identified as being involved in major criminal activity.  These events are captured on in-car video during the incident, allowing for an analysis of both the verbal and non-verbal clues of criminal activity which led to the seizure of contraband.  This course will heighten the patrol officer's awareness, allowing him/her to recognize the signs of excessive nervousness and acts of deception displayed by those involved in criminal activity. 

Examples of in-car video footage will be utilized to demonstrate effective roadside interview techniques.  Effective ways to build a criminal patrol case will be explained as well as uses of the canine in criminal patrol.  Additionally, discussion on effective methods to be employed by the patrol officer in conducting street-level operations pertaining to identifying active criminals within local communities will be presented.  Finally, effective report writing techniques will be discussed.

Topics include:

       Expectations for the Criminal Patrol Officer
       Accurate Indicators of Criminal Activity
       Building the Baseline
       Patrol Styles
       Effective Traffic Stop Methods
       Vehicles In Motion
       Occupants In Motion
       Interior and Exterior Vehicle Observations
       Establishing Probable Cause
       Roadside Interview Techniques
       Common Verbal and Non-Verbal Cues
       Consent to Search
       Report Writing
       Rental Vehicle Considerations
       Utilizing the Canine
       Networking and Intelligence Sharing
       Target Locations within Local Communities

Instructor:    Sergeant Chris Owen
                        Strategic Enforcement Team
                        Illinois State Police - District 10

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