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Field Training Officer
40-Hour State Certified Course

September 10 - 14, 2012
Urbana IL
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Co-hosts:      Mobile Team 12    (Urbana)
                         Mobile Team 13    (Charleston)
                         Mobile Team   8    (Normal)

Non-Member Tuition:  - 0 -

This program is designed for experienced uniform patrol personnel who will serve as Field Training Officers with probationary employees.  Instruction will emphasize the FTO's role in assisting probationers certify for solo patrol operations by applying the knowledge and skills acquired during Basic Police Training/Certification and using them according to policy, procedures, and community service delivery standards.  Consequently, students should be familiar with their Department's current Field Training and Evaluation process.

The course will highlight two essential Field Training and Evaluation Process Skills:  (1) the ability to examine and objectively document the probationer's job behaviors using non-numerical/behaviorally anchored standardized assessment guidelines, and (2) analyzing the probationer's training needs and using proper instructional techniques for corrective action.  Instruction will include hands-on application of the course materials in small group and individual exercises.  In addition, students will be required to complete out-of-class reading assignments.  

Topics include:

        Operational Structure of the Field Training & Evaluation Process
        Inventorying the Probationer's Current Knowledge/Skill Proficiencies
        On-the-job Instructional Techniques & Strategies
        Examining Probationer Assessment Standards
        Utilization of Non-numerical Standardized Evaluation Guidelines
        Objectively Documenting Probationer Performance
        Documenting the Extent of Training & Coaching
        Strategically Addressing Areas of Corrective Action Necessary
        Use of the Probationer Officer Manual as the Field Training playbook
        Teaching Directed Patrol Strategies:  Dancing with S.A.R.A!


Instructor:    Bruce A. Sokolove - Field Training Associates (Ypsilanti, Michigan)


This course is certified by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board.   State of Illinois certificates will be presented to officers who satisfy all testing and attendance requirements.

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