Ned Christiansen

Gunsmith & Firearms Instructor
Three Rivers, Michigan


Ned Christiansen is a full-time custom gunsmith specializing in the 1911 pistol and AR-15 rifle.  He holds several patents for products relating to these weapons.  Since 1976, Ned has participated in several types of shooting competitions.  He currently holds a class "B" ranking in the USPSA, an "Expert" ranking in the IDPA (MI State Champion in '02 and '04), an "AA" ranking in NRA silhouette, and an "Expert" ranking in the NRA High Power.

He has participated in national events, including the Soldier of Fortune Three-Gun Invitational, the Steel Challenge, the Second Chance Police Combat Shoot, the National Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio, and the Single Stack Classic (now the USPSA Single Stack Nationals).  Over the last 12 years, Ned's focus has shifted towards the police/tactical side with his participation as an MTU #3 - NEMRT assistant firearms instructor.  

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