Donald A. Barker

Section Coordinator - Forensic Technology
University of North Florida

Mr. Barker joined the Institute Staff in January 1999 as a Training Specialist responsible for the development and presentation of training programs in the criminal investigative field.  Prior to January 1999, Mr. Barker was a Major Case Supervisor with the Pinellas County (FL) Sheriff's Office.  The sheriff's office responds to over 20,000 crime scene investigations annually, with 45 Forensic Science personnel on staff.  His responsibilities included shift personnel supervision, 24-hour major case scene supervision, FTO Section Coordinator, and Section Training Coordinator, responsible for the planning and scheduling of training for all members.
Mr. Barker's teaching background is extensive with more than 18 years of professional forensic instruction with various consulting companies and universities to include: Payton Scientific Inc., The University of South Florida, St. Petersburg Junior College Crime Scene Technologies Degree Program and Public Safety Criminal Justice Institute, The Florida Department of Law Enforcement, The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, and IPTM as an adjunct instructor.  Mr. Barker has presented seminars at the International and Florida District #6 meetings of the International Association of Identification (IAI).  His teaching experience has extended throughout the United States, Southern Europe, Asia, the South Pacific, and the Middle East.

With 23 years of law enforcement experience and consultation, Mr. Barker has developed his expertise in all areas of criminal investigations - with specific emphasis on crime scenes.  His primary areas of expertise include advanced latent print development techniques, traditional film-based and digital photography, field and bench applications for alternate light energy, and bloodstain pattern analysis.  Mr. Barker is an experienced courtroom witness and has been certified as a courtroom expert in the fields of Crime Scene Processing and Bloodstain Pattern Interpretation.  He currently maintains the status of Senior Crime Scene Analyst with the International Association of Identification (IAI) and has served as the Crime Scene Investigations Chairman for the Florida Division of IAI.  Mr. Barker holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree and has qualified as a Florida State Criminal Justice Certified Instructor.

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