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Illinois Law Enforcement Training & Standards Board
Illinois Retired Officer Concealed Carry (IROCC)

Mobile Team Units

MTU 1 - Northern Illinois Criminal Justice Commission
MTU 2 - Northern Illinois Training Advisory Board
MTU 3 - North East Multi-Regional Training
MTU 4 - Mobile Team Training Unit IV
MTU 5 - Illinois Valley Crime Prevention Commission
MTU 7 - Central Illinois Police Training Center
MTU 8 - Law and Justice Commission
MTU 9 - West Central Illinois Criminal Justice Council 
MTU 10 - Law Enforcement Training Advisory Commission

MTU 13 - East Central Illinois Mobile Law Enforcement Training Team
MTU 14 - Southwestern Illinois Law Enforcement Commission
MTU 15 - Southern Illinois Criminal Justice Training Program
MTU 16 - Tri-River Police Training Region

Professional Associations

Illinois Drug Enforcement Officers Association (IDEOA)
Illinois Juvenile Officers Association (IJOA)
Illinois Tactical Officers Association (ITOA)
International Law Enforcement Educators & Trainers Association (ILEETA)

Training Organizations

Adamax Tactical Academy
Guardian Quest

Homefront Protective Group, Inc.
Institute of Police Technology & Management (IPTM)
Police Training Institute

Public Agency Training Council (PATC)
Public Grants & Training Initiatives
Street-Smart Seminars
Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates, Inc.


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