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No Limits

Community Services

Program Purpose

The purpose of the No Limits program is to assist qualifying members of the Champaign County community reach a better quality of life. This goal is accomplished by working with a Case Manager who partners with participants of the program. The relationship between the participant and the Case Manager is established on the basis of mutual respect, trust, responsibility and hope, to assist in bringing about a higher level of self-sufficiency.

No Limits Brochure

About the Program

No Limits is a step by step program that focuses on bringing those in poverty to prosperity. We do this by providing structure and guidance for our clients, and instilling positive habits that can generate a prosperous future. Our Case Managers work with low income individuals and families on establishing and working towards goals that will bring them closer to self-sufficiency. Clients are assessed at enrollment using the Self-Sufficiency Scale to determine program eligibility and details of their current situation. They must score under 70 points on the scale, live in Champaign County and be within the poverty guidelines to qualify, or be referred for housing advocacy services through DCFS. Clients and Case Managers work in partnership to establish and work toward long and short-term goals for the participant. They meet weekly during the first month and then as often as necessary thereafter, to plan and carry out activities, bringing the participants closer to their goals. These goals may be in areas such as employment, education, housing, budgeting, etc. Participants may continue in the program for up to two years and have successfully completed the program when they score above 70 points on the self-sufficiency scale.

Contact Information

Rebecca Woodard
Phone: (217) 819-4093
Fax: (217) 328-2426