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Housing Rehabilitation Program

Community Services

Eligibility and How to Apply

The criteria to qualify for the programs are as follows:


The HOME Program generally encompasses the "unincorporated" neighborhoods immediately adjacent to Champaign/Urbana. Specific neighborhoods would include Scottswood and Carroll additions in Urbana and Dobbins Downs in Northwest Champaign. These areas lie outside the corporate boundaries of the cities of Champaign and Urbana.


The applicant must be listed on the Deed as record owner of the property. Applicants who have purchased property on a "contract for deed" basis are not considered record owners according to program policy. Rental property and mobile homes are not eligible for assistance under this Program Component.


Income limits vary according to family size and are adjusted annually. To be eligible for these benefits a household must meet the annual 80% Median Family Income.

Rehabilitation Process

  • Upon verification and approval of your application, the type of financial assistance will be determined. You will be notified in writing of your loan approval. Staff will meet at your home to determine the repair needs of the property.
  • A cost estimate and work write-up detailing all necessary repairs will be completed and presented to the owner for approval. Staff will then work with the owner to identify a contractor, established in the business and properly insured, to bid on the project.
  • Once the construction cost has been determined by the bid process, the project specialist will prepare the construction contract and mortgage documents for signature. After a scheduled contract signing and pre-construction conference, the contractor may then order the necessary materials and schedule the work to begin.
  • Periodically, the project specialist will visit the job and monitor the work as it progresses. Upon completion, the owner and project specialist approve all work. Final payment is then issued to the contractor. The project and all final paperwork is then completed and the project closed out.
  • During the final stages of project completion, the final loan amount is established. Except for clients receiving full “Deferred Payment Loans”, your monthly installment loan payments will be calculated. Regular monthly payments will be scheduled to begin immediately upon project completion.

Contact Information

Dawn Rear
Phone: (217) 819-4079
Fax: (217) 328-2426