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RPC Sustainability Initiative

Sustainability Initiative

The Champaign County Regional Planning Commission has developed a sustainability initiative that is focused on taking concrete action towards sustainability in the shortest possible time. This includes an indefinite commitment to tracking progress, pursuing further actions and regularly updating and expanding the initiative. Sustainability principles will provide a roadmap for RPC staff and key decision makers that will align daily activities with sustainability goals.


The process will begin with creating a commitment statement, for adoption by the Commission. The work will be completed by a committee comprised of staff members from each RPC division plus resource persons from Planning and Community Development. Each division will describe its activities, evaluate current practices, identify opportunities, and a summary of goals, actions and performance measures. All participants will also address operational concerns that cross divisions, e.g. copying, computer use, etc.


RPC Commissioners Meeting
August 22, 2008 Memo to Commissioners
Memo to Staff

Meeting One
September 16, 2008 Presentation
Commitment Statement/Sustainability Principles - DRAFT
Project Organization

Assignment One
  Exercise for Committee Members
Current and Proposed Actions
Division Plan Example
First Staff Survey

RPC Commissioners Meeting
September 26, 2008 Update

Meeting Two
October 2008 Agenda
Commitment Statement Revisions

RPC Commissioners Meeting
December 12, 2008 Resolution and Policy Adoption

Sustainability Initiative
February 2009 Baseline Inventory and Plan
RPC Sustainability Logo