Transportation (CUUATS)

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)


The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) lists transportation projects anticipated to be constructed in the Urbanized Area over the next four years. The TIP reflects the goals, objectives, and recommendations from the 25-year Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) in the short term.

The TIP by mandate must include projects receiving federal and state funding. The CUUATS TIP also includes local projects from our member agencies. Compiling the document requires a consensus amongst all CUUATS agencies, thus establishing compliance with federal laws and eligibility for federal funding.

The Final FY 2016-2019 TIP document was approved by the CUUATS Technical and Policy Committees in June 2015.



FY 2015-2018 TIP Amendments

April 8, 2015:  State, County

March 10, 2015:  CUMTD

February 11, 2015:  Urbana, Mahomet, County, STPU, C-U SRTS Project

December 10, 2014:  State, County

September 10, 2014:  State

FY 2015-2018 TIP Administrative Modifications

June 24, 2015:  State, Mahomet

May 6, 2015:  State, Mahomet

April 8, 2015:  State, Champaign, Urbana, County

February 11, 2015:  State, Champaign, Urbana, County

December 10, 2014:  State

September 10, 2014:  State

Current and Past TIP Documents

Who participates in the TIP Process?

CUUATS member agencies and organizations applying for federal or state grants are the primary contributors to the TIP. The public has a 30-day comment period for reviewing the draft document before it is approved by the CUUATS Technical and Policy Committees.

How are projects selected for the TIP?

CUUATS member agencies submit their lists of projects, which must reference other participating agencies and each agency's project cost share. These lists are cross-referenced to ensure accurate estimates by all agencies. For those projects seeking federal Surface Transportation Program (STP) funds, projects must be evaluated using the CUUATS Project Prioritization Guidelines that rank projects according to how well they reflect the goals in the LRTP.

Listing of Federally Obligated Projects

The Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) requires that CUUATS publish a listing of all federally obligated projects that received federal funding in the urbanized area. Each report is completed for the previous fiscal year.