Transportation (CUUATS)

Committee Members


CUUATS Committees are composed of representatives from CUUATS member agencies:

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee consists of local elected and appointed officials of those agencies that have a primary interest in transportation. This committee assumes the decision making authority for CUUATS and establishes policies that guide and form the transportation planning process.

Policy Committee Voting Members

Laurel Prussing, Urbana
Don Uchtmann, C-U Mass Transit District, Chair
Alan Kurtz, Champaign County
Robert McCleary, Savoy
Don Gerard, Champaign, Vice-Chair
Allan Stratman, University of Illinois
Craig Emberton, IDOT District 5

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee consists of representatives from the CUUATS member agencies. Its purpose is to provide technical assistance and training in various planning elements that comprise the transportation planning process.

Technical Committee Voting Members

Dave Clark, Champaign
Stacey DeLorenzo, University of Illinois
Rob Kowalski, Champaign
William Gray, Urbana
Elizabeth Tyler, Urbana
Brent Maue, Savoy, Vice Chair
Richard Helton, Savoy
Pam Voitik, University of Illinois, Chair
William Volk, C-U Mass Transit District
Robb Patton, C-U Mass Transit District
Jeff Blue, County Highway Department
John Cooper, County Highway Department
Cameron Moore, Regional Planning Commission
Robert Nelson, IDOT District 5
Scott Lackey, IDOT District 5

Technical Committee Non-Voting Members

Tom Kelso, IDOT Central Office
Betsy Tracy, FHWA Illinois Office