Youth Service Programs Eligibility

Youth Service Programs Eligibility

Eligibility Requirements
(Ages 14-24)

If one or more of the following applies to you, you may be eligible for Youth Services programs:

  • Your family income for the last six months does not exceed the higher of the poverty level for an equivalent period OR 70% of the lower-level standard income for an equivalent period
  • You are deficient in basic literacy skills
  • You are a school dropout
  • You have a disability
  • You are homeless, a runaway, or a foster child
  • You are an offender
  • You are an individual who requires additional assistance to complete an educational program or to secure and hold employment
How Youth Services Programs Can Help You
  1. Assessment
    • You will discover the best ways to use your skills and interests
    • You will explore new career options
  2. Job search assistance
    • Resume development
    • Interview skills
    • Job search guidance
    • Job search support groups
    • Employment planning
    • Resource Room access
    • Follow-up
  3. Training
    • Career Training
    • Career exploration awareness
    • Web research
    • Attitude awareness
    • Effective communication/listening
    • Conflict resolution
    • Job search strategies/techniques
    • Positive attitudes/behaviors
    • Job retention/time management
    • Work ethic
    • Money management
    • Work experience
    • Follow-up
Who to Contact
CCRPC Workforce Division  in the Champaign Illinois Worknet Center (see sidebar)
(For specific accommodation requests, please contact us at: (TTY) 217-398-0120)

Other locations
Other local Illinois Worknet Centers (see sidebar)

Important Note
Advance notice is required for sign language interpretation.
Equal Opportunity Employer/Program.