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See Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions
What is the Regional Planning Commission, and what is its role in our county?
The Champaign County Regional Planning Commission is an intergovernmental membership organization that provides a variety of programming in the areas of regional, environmental and transportation planning; economic, community, and workforce development; social services; early childhood education; and technical assistance in East Central Illinois. As a multi-faceted government agency, the Commission administers over 100 federal and state grants and contracts with an annual operating budget of $25 million and a staff of over 230 professionals housed in 12 locations serving over 30,000 clients annually.
What are the major ongoing projects and initiatives in our county?
What services does the Regional Planning Commission offer?
The Regional Planning Commission Offers Services in Early Childhood Education, Community Services, Transportation Planning, Workforce Development, and Public Safety. For more information on how to apply to our programs, visit this page.
Where do I find the list of Job Opportunities at RPC?
Champaign County Regional Planning Commission is committed to being an employer of choice. Career opportunities cover a wide spectrum of fields including engineering, planning, law enforcement, social work, early child development, economic and community development, and much more. For more information, visit our Human Resources Division page.
How does the Regional Planning Commission collaborate with local governments and municipalities within the county?
Formed in 1966, the Regional Planning Commission has spent 50 years cultivating partnerships and alliances that range from the federal government to local boards, councils, and committees. The Commission works collaboratively with stakeholders to address community issues, create and advance comprehensive plans and strategies, and provide quality services to the citizens of our region.
Where can I find the offices of the Regional Planning Commission?

Champaign County Regional Planning Commission has 12 locations in Champaign, Ford, Iroquois, and Piatt Counties. You can find more information on our Contact page.

Stay Informed
How do I see the latest news from CCRPC?
Visit our website's News section, where you'll find the most up-to-date information and updates on our programs, initiatives, and community news. You can access the latest news topics here.
How do I sign up for email notifications to stay updated on my topics of interest?
To sign up for email notifications and stay updated on your topics of interest, visit our dedicated 'eNotify' webpage. This service allows you to tailor your notifications to the subjects that matter most to you. Simply click here to access the eNotify page and customize your email preferences
Can you help me find data and statistics about our county for research or planning purposes?
Absolutely, we provide access to a dedicated data portal where you can find a wealth of data and statistics for research or planning purposes. Our data portal features a diverse range of datasets in the fields of housing support, planning and development, transportation, and workforce development. The portal is designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to access data in various formats and easily search for information based on specific organizations. It's a valuable resource for anyone seeking data to support their research or planning endeavors. 
Can you provide information about upcoming events, workshops, or educational programs related to planning and development?
We regularly host a variety of events, workshops, and educational programs related to planning and development, workforce opportunities, and various community services events to name a few. To stay informed about upcoming opportunities, please visit our website's Calendar section. There, you'll find details on all scheduled events, including dates, times, locations, and registration information.
How do I contact a representative at RPC if my question is not answered here?
If your question is not addressed here, we encourage you to reach out to us directly. You can use our convenient 'Contact Us' form on our website to submit your inquiry, and a representative from RPC will respond promptly to assist you with your specific query.
ADA compliance and Accessibility
Is the website ADA compliant, and what steps have been taken to ensure accessibility for users with disabilities?
Yes, our website is ADA compliant, and we've taken steps to ensure accessibility for users with disabilities. We've integrated a dedicated accessibility widget provided by Userway. This widget utilizes AI-powered technology to enhance accessibility and ensures compliance with ADA, WCAG 2.1, and WCAG 2.2 standards. It offers a range of accessibility features to make our website more user-friendly for individuals with disabilities.
Are there accessibility features available for users with visual or auditory impairments, and how can I utilize them?
The Champaign County Regional Planning Commission (RPC) recognizes the importance of ensuring equal access to all individuals, including those with visual or auditory impairments. We are committed to making our website accessible to everyone, including users who rely on screen readers or assistive technologies to access online content.

For users with visual impairments, our website is designed to work seamlessly with screen readers, allowing for the conversion of on-screen text to speech. We have taken care to provide alt text for images and descriptions of multimedia content, making it possible for individuals using screen readers to fully understand the information presented.
How can I request accommodations or report difficulties with the format of content on the RPC website?
If accommodations are needed or you are experiencing difficulty with the format of material on our website, please contact the appropriate department’s designated ADA Coordinator.