Illinois Modeling Users Group

Illinois Modeling Users Group


The Illinois Modeling Users Group (ILMUG) was created in fall 2009 as an effort to support travel demand modeling initiatives among the small and medium sized MPOs in Illinois and is fully supported by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT). ILMUG has 15 member agencies and provides a platform for Illinois MPOs to share modeling information with other MPOs, consultants, researchers, etc. in order to help develop or improve their local travel demand models.ilmug-logo-200x185


The Illinois Model Users Group aims to promote the exchange of ideas, tips/techniques and issues involved in the use of travel demand models in Illinois. ILMUG also aims to provide educational and informational materials on new technology, specific projects and other topics of interest to the transportation/land use modeling community, and improve travel demand forecasting as part of the regional transportation planning process.


The goals of the Illinois Modeling Users Group include:

  • Serve as a forum to discuss TDM activities in Illinois.
  • Meet once every quarter (four times in a year).
  • Assist in the maintenance and enhancement of TDM procedures to promote consistent and reliable modeling practices in Illinois.
  • Serve as an organized forum to share experience and expertise in the technical areas related to travel demand modeling in Illinois.
  • Serve as a peer exchange platform to discuss modeling techniques and procedures.


The Illinois Modeling Users Group meets once every quarter. The ILMUG meetings are facilitated/chaired by an ILMUG member. Attendance at the ILMUG meetings is open to people interested in transportation/land use modeling, including staff from local, regional, state and federal agencies, in addition to members of academia and consulting. No formal outreach is conducted, but participants are encouraged to inform others who may be interested in participating. The format of the meetings is informal. Sessions usually start with a couple of presentations from practitioners or developers. Presentations are followed by discussion and feedback.


March 2024 Quarterly Meeting

November 2023 Quarterly Meeting

July 2023 Quarterly Meeting

April 2022 Quarterly Meeting

February 2021 Quarterly Meeting

May 2019 Quarterly Meeting

November 2018 Quarterly Meeting

For previous meeting documents, please contact CUUATS Staff member Rafsun Mashraky at 




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